Estate Maintenance Program

Our Annual Maintenance Program includes:

  • ​No charge for reasonable phone calls by you, your representatives, or your professional advisors to anyone in our office
  • An annual client workshop to keep you current with the changing legal environment
  • Law firm initiated changes to your documents to take advantage of changes in law
  • Annual review meeting at your request
  • Assistance to your disability panel to verify your disability and get your successor Trustee appointed
  • "Word processing" amendments to your estate planning documents at no additional charge
  • On-going guidance with funding of new assets acquired during the year
  • A meeting with your family or helpers upon your disability or death to explain the plan you created and outline the assistance available in maintaining or settling your plan (any new services, if required, will be identified and billed separately)
  • Safe keeping your original Estate plan documents in a protected storage facility
  • Special pricing for family members to do planning during the year - a 15% discount

Estate Administration Fee Guarantee Program Benefits

Our Estate Administration Fee Guarantee Program includes:

  • ​Initial meeting with family and representatives to determine needed actions
  • Conference with Executors, Trustees and your CPA
  • Explanatory letters to beneficiaries
  • Instruction letters to Executors and Trustees
  • Specific bequest letters
  • Applying for Tax ID numbers
  • Preparation of the Probate Petition if probate is needed
  • Survivor's Trust change
  • Probate legal services

Program Fees

Estate Plan Maintenance Program Annual Fee

Single Clients $295

Married Clients $395

Estate Plan Maintenance Program and Estate Administration Fee Guarantee Annual Fee

Single Clients $395

Married Clients $495

Current clients who enroll during the introductory year of 2017 will receive a 10% discount off program fees!

Clients who refer a family member or friend who becomes a client will receive an additional 25% discount.